Online Bingo Guide & Strategies

Bingo is relatively new to the Internet, with one of the earliest games played in 1996. But the simplicity and easy rules of the game have made it an Internet hit over the past decade with people from all over the world playing in the masses every day.

In UK, bingo is popularly known as Housey Housey where as in Australia and New Zealand it is known as Housie, where unlimited numbers of players can join in this game. Each player is provided with a ticket that has several numbers. The game conductor calls out a number and players have to tick off that number from their ticket. Very similar to online poker, with online bingo everything is virtual and can be played whatever your age. Bingo is a game of luck and chances that can be played anywhere, from a charity function to birthday parties.

Online Bingo Guide

Two Types Of Bingo Played Around The World

75-Ball Bingo: In 75 ball bingo, the game starts with a simple line and carries on to more complicated patterns. The objective of the game however remains the same, i.e. to mark off numbers and achieve the desired theme or pattern.

90-Ball Bingo: In 90 ball bingo, players are provided with cards having three horizontal lines and nine columns. Each line has five numbers, totaling 15 numbers. The first column has numbers 1 to 10, the second numbers 11 to 20, and the third numbers 21 to 30. This continues all the way to the final column, which has numbers 81 to 90.

How To Play Online Bingo

The first step to be able to play online bingo is to register at any bingo gaming site. These sites then provide a random number card to the player. Each player can play up to fifty cards at a time. The online bingo computer software is pre-programmed to call out numbers between one and seventy-five, which are compared by players with the numbers printed on their card/s. The aim of the game is to make a certain pattern of numbers. The player who makes the required pattern first wins the game. Bingo!

As bingo is a game of luck, we suggest playing three to four cards at a time. A second tip is to select a gaming site that has fewer players such as early in the morning or in the afternoon. Try to avoid weekends and always fix a limit that you play to on a certain day. If you cross this limit, stop. Otherwise you’ll end up losing lots and lots of money.

Online Bingo Strategies

Here are a few bingo strategies, which should help you play better. Firstly, a player should choose a hall, which is commonly called “bingo room”. Each bingo room and game is different – partly why people find playing this game so much fun.

Practice And Prepare In A Bingo Room
Here you can practice for free, hone your skills, get ready to play bingo online but you can’t chat or communicate with other players. This is all about preparation.

Bingo Hall
The Main Hall allows you to play bingo for money. Now you can communicate and chat with other players and the interaction makes the game come alive.

Tournament Hall
Various tournaments are organised by different bingo halls. Players can earn big money in tournaments, but be aware you can also lose large amounts too.

Donations And Purchases Of The Board
After a player chooses a bingo room, they will have to go to the bank (cashier) and deposit money into an account. Only then are you able to buy bingo game cards boards. It is cheaper to buy three to four cards boards at a time, rather than buying small amounts after each game.

Making Your Life Easier
The most important feature of a bingo game is Auto-Dauber’en. With the help of this ingenious feature, players can scratch out numbers, or if you are missing numbers, they will be scratched for you automatically.

Choose A Caller
In most online bingo games, players are automatically allowed to select a virtual character, i.e. a man or a woman, who will create players’ numbers. Some online casinos allow players to change the shapes and colors to something different such as a red heart, blue football etc…

Auto Sort Your Cards
With the auto sort facility, a player can arrange their boards however their prefer.

Jackpot Time
In most online bingo games, there is a big jackpot every hour. To win a bingo jackpot, players need to have bingo in the next few numbers drawn.

Every game of bingo has a particular pattern (usually a bit darker on the boards) that players need to complete by marking off the numbers called out.

Most Bingo halls allow players to chat or communicate with other players.

When playing online bingo, try to remain focused and attentive. Only buy a few cards if there are fewer players, and more cards if there are more people participating.

Master how to play bingo then check out the other games available such as video poker or online slots – usually found next to the bingo boards.