Common Online Casino Gambling Mistakes

Mistakes are expensive. Avoid these 10 mistakes most frequently made by online gamblers.

1. Selecting an unsuitable bonus
With various kinds of cash bonuses, select the best one for your needs. If you play for high stakes, avoid a 100% matching bonus with a limit of $50. If you prefer to wager small amounts, steer clear of a 20% bonus and find a casino that grants a generous first-time bonus in addition to matching your deposit.

2. Going to the wrong casino
Casino software may be either too rudimentary or too powerful for your computer. If you have a new, high-capacity computer, the feature-rich applications such as Microgaming’s Viper Software or Cryptologic ‘s Global Edition will deliver enthralling game-play. For an older computer and a more tardy Internet connection, Java, Flash or older software downloads won’t stretch the performance of your equipment. Try various options.

3. Letting the bonus dictate where you play
Free cash is not the be-all and end-all of a casino. The software they use can greatly influence your playing pleasure. Try out different software. Experiment with the play-for-fun downloads from Playtech, CryptoLogic and Microgaming.

4. Disregarding the bonus conditions
Make a note of your total bets before you try to cash in your bonus. Don’t blithely assume you’ve already played enough back into the system for you to draw your cash. This will avert frustration and bickering with the casino.

5. Finding fault with the software
How often do online gamblers moan about crooked software when they slide into a losing rut? Remember there are often strange runs of bad luck at brick-and-mortar casinos, too. If the online casino has a good reputation and displays its payout percentages, it would be wrong to criticize their software if you don’t win

6. Ignoring basic strategies
No pit boss can harry you at home in front of your computer, so it is unpardonable to abandon basic strategy in online games. Look for a chart to go with the game you’re playing.

7. Rushing things
The action happens more quickly online than at a land based casino. This gives the casino an added edge. Stick to multiplayer card games and don’t bet too high.

8. Disregarding the preferred payment mechanisms
You will often receive a bonus over and above any match bonuses if you make deposits by ACH, wire transfer or through third parties including FirePay, 900pay, NETeller, Citadel or TeleBuy. Electronic transactions of this type also speed up payments to you from the casino.

9. Poor preparation
Casinos come in different flavors. Make certain you check bulletin boards and gambler’s gripe lists before you sign up. Always look for reputable auditors’ seals and certificates.

10. Fools rush in
There are no crowded tables and no queues at the cash machines at an online casino, so it’s easy to rush into a game you don’t know. Always try a practice version of any new game until you’re familiar with its subtleties.