10 Ingredients That Make a Top Bingo Site

Bingo sites are extremely popular amongst bingo fans these days for a wide variety of reasons. Of course, when choosing the right site for you, there are a whole host of things you should be looking out for and to help you on your quest for bingo perfection, we’ve put together our top 10 ingredients that make a great bingo site.

A Good Theme

A top bingo site is only as good as its theme. There are so many sites out there right now that it’s getting harder to find an original theme with so many of them coming to market looking somewhat unimaginative and drab. A great theme doesn’t guarantee a top bingo site, but it does bode well.

A Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses at different bingo sites are extremely competitive in an attempt to maximise the number of signups in a crowded market place. Browse different sites and see if you can find the best welcome bonus on offer.

Great Bingo Rooms

Of course, one of the most important ingredients of a top bingo site is the great bingo rooms that it should have. There must be a variety in terms of prices and times that games are played as well as different variants of the bingo game itself, including 75 ball and 90 ball and maybe even pattern bingo. Throw in a couple of free bingo rooms too and bobs your uncle!

Huge Jackpots

Players want to win big when they’re playing bingo so there needs to be some really exciting jackpots on offer, the bigger the better! This could be jackpots that are there all the time or those that appear every few weeks through promotions.

Other Games

Although people are heading to bingo websites to play bingo, the top sites are offering 100’s of slot games or scratch card games for players to enjoy simultaneously. These sorts of games, which fall under the broader category of ‘instant games’ or ‘side games’ are a fantastic way of exciting players with a fast paced gaming experience and the chance to win (or lose) a lot of money.

Loyalty Scheme

Players want to continue to be rewarded once they’ve been playing at a site for a long time. This means that for a bingo brand to be a keeper, it needs a loyalty scheme and regular promotions to keep players entertained and coming back for more.

Different Ticket Prices

Bingo players don’t always have a lot of money to splash on tickets, so a good site should offer plenty of variation in game prices offering something to suit every budget.

Lots Of Payment Methods

These days, there are lots of traditional deposit methods as well as e-wallet options that players like to use. The top UK bingo sites have plenty of options for players to make a payment, often including the possibility to pay using your phone or by Paypal.

Good Customer Service

When players need help with their account or particularly if they find themselves having issues controlling how they gamble, they need to have a customer service team that they can contact. The most reputable brands will have a 24 hour customer service team in place and a live chat feature to make getting in touch super easy.

A Social Aspect

The final ingredient, in our opinion is the social aspect. Many sites offer chat rooms where players can talk to other players and make friends online. As long as this chat is monitored, this should offer players a reasonably safe environment to make friends and to socialise online whilst playing their favourite game.