How to find The ideal Live Roulette Casinos

Live roulette casinos have grown really popular throughout the years and the increase in the number of live gambling houses on the net has also given rise to a number of con websites. If you are thinking about playing live casino games, you’ll need to be extremely cautious. It is not hard to find reputable live gambling houses on the web, but it could possibly be tough to prevent these dishonest websites which are out there for your money. With so many different live roulette casinos to select from, how will you select which sites are reputable and worthy of registering with? If you are looking to get the very best user experience, then there are certain things that you should think about. Knowing how to start really is crucial to make perfectly sure that your live gambling experience is everything that you wished for. When finding the best live roulette casinos, listed here are some of the essential factors that you should take into account.

Reputation – you’ll wish to become a member of a website which is reliable as this will decide what your experience is going to be like when you join the site. The fastest way to learn how reliable a certain internet site is to check out online forums on gambling. Forums are places where individuals share their experiences. Here, you will be able to find out what individuals are saying about the various live roulette casinos. This will give you an idea on what internet sites are well worth subscribing to and which ones you should steer clear of. Continue reading “How to find The ideal Live Roulette Casinos”

10 Ingredients That Make a Top Bingo Site

Bingo sites are extremely popular amongst bingo fans these days for a wide variety of reasons. Of course, when choosing the right site for you, there are a whole host of things you should be looking out for and to help you on your quest for bingo perfection, we’ve put together our top 10 ingredients that make a great bingo site.

A Good Theme

A top bingo site is only as good as its theme. There are so many sites out there right now that it’s getting harder to find an original theme with so many of them coming to market looking somewhat unimaginative and drab. A great theme doesn’t guarantee a top bingo site, but it does bode well. Continue reading “10 Ingredients That Make a Top Bingo Site”

Common Online Casino Gambling Mistakes

Mistakes are expensive. Avoid these 10 mistakes most frequently made by online gamblers.

1. Selecting an unsuitable bonus
With various kinds of cash bonuses, select the best one for your needs. If you play for high stakes, avoid a 100% matching bonus with a limit of $50. If you prefer to wager small amounts, steer clear of a 20% bonus and find a casino that grants a generous first-time bonus in addition to matching your deposit.

2. Going to the wrong casino
Casino software may be either too rudimentary or too powerful for your computer. If you have a new, high-capacity computer, the feature-rich applications such as Microgaming’s Viper Software or Cryptologic ‘s Global Edition will deliver enthralling game-play. For an older computer and a more tardy Internet connection, Java, Flash or older software downloads won’t stretch the performance of your equipment. Try various options.

3. Letting the bonus dictate where you play
Free cash is not the be-all and end-all of a casino. The software they use can greatly influence your playing pleasure. Try out different software. Experiment with the play-for-fun downloads from Playtech, CryptoLogic and Microgaming. Continue reading “Common Online Casino Gambling Mistakes”

A Look at Why People Love Playing Bingo Online Today

The game of bingo has been around for many, many years now. And in that time, it’s evolved and adapted in variously different ways so that it’s fun and entertaining for everyone to play! In fact, people from all walks of life, ages, sexes and races enjoy playing bingo every day all around the world in their millions!

Bingo is a fun, joyous and exciting game to play. Whether it’s played alone by yourself, or with friends and family for some fast paced fun and excitement! And many more people all around the world are starting to discover and enjoy the many benefits of playing bingo. While many more are starting to play bingo online a lot more today too.

But just what makes online bingo such a popular game to play compared to the original way of playing it today?

We live very fast paced, busy and hectic lives. If we’re not working, we’re looking after our kids. And if you’re lucky, the free time you do have is spent with the wife and or the rest of your family. So playing bingo online, or playing any game at all, is not something that people generally have a lot of free time to actually do and enjoy.

But on the same hand, that’s why playing bingo online is so popular today. That and that people just love to be in with a chance to win anything these days! But for most people, they just don’t have the time to go out on an evening to play bingo somewhere and it could involve having to hire a babysitter for the night. Continue reading “A Look at Why People Love Playing Bingo Online Today”

How to profit when Playing Bingo

Playing bingo games can be lots of fun and these days you can play online as well as at bingo halls. This means that you are able to play whenever you like, which can be great news for fans of the game. However, playing bingo does cost money and so many people will hope that they can break even or even win big, but how can you make a profit playing bingo?

Playing Bingo

Most bingo games cost money per game. However, they will usually also offer some sort of prize to the winner and therefore people often pay the play because they want to win that prize. However, what can they do to increase their chances of winning? If you are able to buy more entries into a bingo game, then you will be more likely to win. So if you buy more cards than others then you improve your odds. However, you have to spend more money in order to play more cards and so even if you win more often, you will be likely to still end up with the same amount of money than if you played for longer but just played one card a game. In fact your money will run out more quickly and you may overspend more easily. It is easy to think that playing more often is the way to profit because you are more likely to win, but it depends on how much you win, whether you do win more often and how much you pay to play the game. Continue reading “How to profit when Playing Bingo”

Online Bingo Guide & Strategies

Bingo is relatively new to the Internet, with one of the earliest games played in 1996. But the simplicity and easy rules of the game have made it an Internet hit over the past decade with people from all over the world playing in the masses every day.

In UK, bingo is popularly known as Housey Housey where as in Australia and New Zealand it is known as Housie, where unlimited numbers of players can join in this game. Each player is provided with a ticket that has several numbers. The game conductor calls out a number and players have to tick off that number from their ticket. Very similar to online poker, with online bingo everything is virtual and can be played whatever your age. Bingo is a game of luck and chances that can be played anywhere, from a charity function to birthday parties.

Online Bingo Guide

Two Types Of Bingo Played Around The World

75-Ball Bingo: In 75 ball bingo, the game starts with a simple line and carries on to more complicated patterns. The objective of the game however remains the same, i.e. to mark off numbers and achieve the desired theme or pattern.

90-Ball Bingo: In 90 ball bingo, players are provided with cards having three horizontal lines and nine columns. Each line has five numbers, totaling 15 numbers. The first column has numbers 1 to 10, the second numbers 11 to 20, and the third numbers 21 to 30. This continues all the way to the final column, which has numbers 81 to 90. Continue reading “Online Bingo Guide & Strategies”

Where to find the best free bingo games

If you like playing bingo but do not like having to pay to play then there are many places online where you can play free games. You will find websites and apps that offer free games that you can play. In fact the hardest bit is not finding them but deciding which ones you want to play.

You need to think about what you want from a bingo game before you can choose which one you think will be the best for you to try. You may like a game where you can win a prize. Although when you play for free, it is harder to find these, there are a few free games around which have prizes. These will not be anything like as big as the big jackpots offered on the pay to play games, but you could still have a chance of winning something. You will need to take a look at the different games to see what you can win. Some sites will allow you to play free games once you have played a certain amount of paid ones. Some are financed by advertising and so will have a small prize paid for by the advertising revenue.

You may want to play free bingo just for the fun or it and not be bothered about prizes. Then you may have other features that you like from a game. You may like a theme or a fun site and perhaps you might want a friendly chat available while you play or want games that can be won easily. It is important to know what you want so that you can compare the sites and see which fits best with your criteria. Continue reading “Where to find the best free bingo games”

New Igloo Bingo Site Launching on BBN

Igloo Bingo is all set to be one of the coolest bingo sites in town!  This brand is all set for launch, and will be part of Best Bingo Network and powered by Cozy Games who are one of the most renowned providers in the industry.


They have set industry tongues wagging even before the site is live for a number of reasons, one of which is the promise to host non-networked promotions such as prize giveaways and free bingo rooms.  Those of you who are bingo boffins will know that it is unusual to see a Best Bingo Network site host offers that aren’t also found across their network of brands, but Igloo Bingo is keen to stand out from others and add as much value as they possibly can for their players.

The founders of Igloo Bingo, are the same people behind Rocket Bingo, who have made quite the name for themselves in the industry.  They have just scooped the “Best Jumpman Gaming Site 2016” award from renowned comparison site Which Bingo, so you know already that you can expect big things from their sister site.

Things that have made them stand out from the crowd have been their free bingo sessions where players can win £10 prize pots, the chance to earn loyalty points simply by liking their Facebook page, regular competitions and puzzles on social media that can earn players vouchers and more – they have also been known to give away all kinds of tangible prizes including BBQ’s and other treats onsite.

When joining Igloo Bingo players can expect the generous £15 no deposit bonus found on all BBN sites as well as a generous welcome package.  There will also be lots of bingo including 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo and 50 ball bingo.  It’s no doubt going to be a one-stop destination for bingo fans to chill out and enjoy their bingo fix.

We expect that this bingo brand will be launching during October 2016, so keep your eyes peeled for those cute little eskimos!

Where to research the Best Bingo Deals

There are some really good bingo deals out there. You will find that there are great bonuses for new players, but also some deals for current subscribers as well. These can vary and include things like matching deposits that are made and free games. It is always good to know where to look for these deals so that you can take advantage of them.

If you are a member of a bingo site, you will find that they will email you when they have good deals on so you will know about them. You may also see them advertised when you are using the website. However, it is the deals to new members which may be more enticing and may be harder to find. Continue reading “Where to research the Best Bingo Deals”

How to Find the Best Bingo Jackpots

If you like playing online bingo, chances are that you enjoy the thought of winning a really good jackpot. You will find that sites vary in the jackpots that they offer and that some can be significantly higher than others. If you want the best then you may have your work cut out in finding them.

Looking for every bingo site and comparing jackpots can be difficult, particularly if they change. However, you could find that some sites keep their jackpots consistent and you will be able to know which of those are low or high once you take a quick look at them. You may find that on some bingo review websites they will list the jackpots on there and so you will be able to compare the sites using this. Jackpots will change over time though and so you will need to make sure that you have up to date information. This is trickier and will mean that you will need to keep a watch yourself. It can be worth having a list of the top five jackpot sites and then you will be able to check them regularly to see if they change at all. It is worth checking out several sites that have this sort of information and comparing them as they may not all be the same. Continue reading “How to Find the Best Bingo Jackpots”